Joyful Noise (opens Jan. 13)

1 Jan

Has anyone seen a review for Joyful Noise yet? I can’t find one online, but it looks like a cute, light-hearted comedy, with two awesome female leads.  I have always loved Dolly Parton (I still think Nine to Five is one of the greatest workplace comedies ever) and I adored Queen Latifah in Last Holiday.  Plus, I just realized that Joyful Noise was written by Todd Graff, who wrote and directed Camp, which was just GREAT.  So I’m thinking that even though it looks a little cheesy, it might actually be alright.  It may be worth the price of admission just for the scene where Queen Latifah has Dolly Parton in a headlock with Dolly screaming, “You’re breaking my hair!”


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